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Oroginale Jewellery Australia

Custom Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings

Looking for the perfect ring for your significant other might seem like a daunting task, but when you choose a place with plenty of options and customization that would deliver amazing wedding rings, you can count on Oroginale. For stunning wedding rings, Sydney can depend on Oroginale for excellence. We offer custom made engagement rings you will remember and will last a lifetime.

Whatever cut or colour you need, we can do it. For our diamond engagement rings, Sydney residents are not the only ones who can appreciate and admire our extensive selection. No matter what your taste is or what your desires are, we can help you choose or craft the perfect ring for you and your loved one.

Engagement Rings

At Oroginale, we have a selection of engagement rings Sydney will love. We have solitaire settings, or rings with side stones, halos, and many more styles. We have many models on display to look through. We can also help you create the perfect custom engagement ring. For beautiful diamond rings, Sydney can depend on us.

Depending on your preference, we hand make bands in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold. We also work with 9ct, 14ct, 18ct and platinum. We can bespoke handcraft simple or intricate designs, and our display rings come in all shapes and sizes. While diamonds are the most extravagant and most popular of the gemstones, we have coloured gems in a variety of styles and colours. There are many different cuts for you to choose from, so whatever your wish is, you will leave Oroginale delighted with your ring.  Oroginale also offers an exquisite range of coloured and Argyle Pink diamonds, as well as providing a wide range of ideal cut GIA certified white diamonds ethically sourced at wholesale prices from all over the world.

If you are unsure of exactly what you need, there is no need to worry. When creating your custom engagement rings in Sydney, you can come in with ideas, or you can browse our beautiful selection of existing settings. From there, we can help you create a brand new, unique ring, which will be exquisitely crafted just for you. In short, we can design the perfect ring for you. 

Wedding Rings

Like our engagement sets, we have a large selection of wedding bands Sydney residents will love. We have wedding bands for men and women, and you can choose the perfect band for you and your significant other. Whatever colour gold you prefer, or whatever creative aspirations you may have, we can help you create the perfect matching bands for you and your partner.

We have yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, black zirconium and titanium bands. You may select a simple style, or you can choose to create a more intricate design with small gems or twisting bands. Whatever you desire, we can help you design an exclusive piece that will symbolise your love for a lifetime.

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If you are in the Sydney area and you are searching for the perfect wedding or engagement ring, come visit us at Oroginale Jewellery at Birkenhead point shopping centre today. Whether you decide on one of our existing settings or bands, or choose to create a unique piece of jewellery, we have the expertise and will offer you options to achieve exactly what you desire.

To look at our current designs or to begin crafting your custom piece, please contact us today to book an appointment.